Water Softening Systems

RevV4 Certified Water Softening Systems

  • Innovative ceramic disc design that is corrosion and abrasion resistant
  • Advanced programming options with 7 fully adjustable cycles for maximum system efficiency
  • Intelligent metering with up-flow regeneration lowers salt usage

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RevV4 High Efficiency (HE) Water Softening Systems

  • Uses less water and salt with maximized capacity per regeneration
  • Energy efficient - runs on a 12-Volt power supply
  • Advanced cross-link resin is incredibly effective at removing hard water minerals with less waste

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RevV4 Twin Demand Water Softening Systems

  • Provides 24/7 uninterrupted soft water supply
  • Valves are interlocked with a 3-way ball valve that ensures only one valve is in regeneration at a time
  • Automatic power outage programming memory recall with 72-hour backup time memory

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RevV3 Water Softening Systems

  • Utilizes ceramic disc technology, eliminating the need to replace short-lived seals and rubber gaskets
  • Reversed inlet/outlet ports and variable programming for optimal performance
  • Extremely quiet operation

RevV2 Water Softening Systems

  • Economical system that utilizes our ceramic disc design
  • Multiple work modes to increase effectiveness
  • Utilizes the same high-quality cross-link resin as more advanced models

RevV1 Water Softening Systems

  • The most economical of our ceramic disc systems
  • Basic functions allow for optimization
  • Easy to read digital display for easy installation and setup

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