RevV4 Ceramic Rotary Valves

Hankscraft Runxin RevV4 valves are designed with high flow rates to handle any residential or light commercial application. They feature innovative ceramic discs that are diamond-hard for ulimate performance and reliability. The discs are abrasion and corrosion resistant, extending the life of the valve and significantly reducing maintenance costs.

RevV4 valves have 7 advanced programming options with fully adjustable cycles for maxium system efficiency and their intelligent metering with up-flow regeneration lowers salt usage. They have signal output for external devices, program functions that remain in long term memory, and 72-hour memory backup should a power outage occur, giving you the confidence that your customers are receiving a cost-effective, high-quality water treatment solution.

Hankscraft’s RevV4 valves have an interlock function to connect multiple valves in series or in parallel. There is also an alternate interlock for use with a 3-way ball valve. It’s simple, yet powerful user interface has an easy to read LCD display and the valve offers remote handling to accept input from a PLC or computer. Advanced work modes are available with adjustable settings and three different cycle sequences to get the exact configuration needed for any job.

RevV4 Valves Feature:

  • Ceramic discs for longer life and reduced maintenance
  • Highly configurable with easy to use program interface
  • Long-term memory for program functions
  • 72-hour memory backup

Width 8.75"
Height 6.3"
Depth 8.3"

Electrical Specifications
Transformer Input 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Transformer Output 12VDC / 2A
Wattage 18W

Operational Specifications
Operational Pressure 22 psi - 87 psi
Operational Water Temperature 41° F - 113° F
Inlet Water Turbidity < 5NTU

Control Valve Parameters
Inlet 1" NPT
Outlet 1" NPT
Drain 1/2" Barbed
Brine 3/8"
Base 2.5" - 8NPSM
Riser Tube 32mm
Hard Water Bypass Yes

Flow Rate (Valve Only)
Service @ 15 psi Drop 21 gpm
Peak Service @ 25 psi Drop 25.5 gpm
Peak Backwash @ 25 psi Drop 7 gpm
CV Service @ 1 psi Drop 5.56 gpm

Additional Specifications
Valve Material Noryl® Plastic
Height From Top of Tank 7" / 180mm
Meter Accuracy ±5%
Weight 5.0 lbs. (2.27kg)

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