RevV22 Commercial Rotary Valves

Hankscraft Runxin's RevV22 Commercial Rotary Valves are made for long-term reliability. They use few moving parts, provide a hermetic seal for airtight operation, and have corrosion resistant parts that prolong the valve's service life expectancy. The valves are designed so that no water flows to the outlet during regenerations, and the brine ports are controlled by a 2-way electronic ball valve, allowing RevV22 valves to be used for both softening and filter applications. With a multitude of programmable options, including adjustable cycles, or options to disable cycles, the RevV22 fits a wide range of user defined specifications.

RevV22 Valves Feature:

  • Flow rate of 79gal/m
  • Patented ceramic discs for longer life and reduced maintenance
  • Ideal for use with softening, demineralization, or filtration water treatment systems
  • Down flow regeneration suitable for ion exchange equipment, boiler softening water systems, swimming pool filtration systems, and activated carbon or sand filter for RO pretreatment systems
  • Side-mounted connector easily changes the valve from a top-mounted to side-mounted system
  • Drain size is the same as the inlet/oulet size (2")
  • Removeable handheld LED unit with keypad lock for security and easy programming
  • Brine refill controlled by electronic ball valve
  • Includes signal output connector and remote handling connector
  • Interlock functionality prevents multiple valves from regenerating at the same time, ensuring product water is available without interruption
  • System will automatically regenerate even if the water capacity is not reached in the time allotted

Width 17.02" (with outlet)
Height 14.26"
Depth 17.43" (with outlet)

Electrical Specifications
Transformer Input 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Transformer Output 24VDC / 1.5A
Wattage 36W

Operational Specifications
Operational Pressure 29 - 87 psi
Operational Water Temperature 41° F - 122° F (5° C - 50° C)
Inlet Water Turbidity < 5FTU

Control Valve Parameters
Inlet 2"
Outlet 2"
Drain 2"
Brine 3/4"
Base 4" - 8UN
Riser Tube 50mm
Hard Water Bypass Yes

Flow Rate (Valve Only)
79 gal/m 18 m3/h

Additional Specifications
Regeneration Up Flow / Down Flow
Valve Material Noryl® Plastic
Height From Top of Tank 10.5"
Meter Accuracy ±5%
Weight 18 lbs. (8.16 kg)

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