RevV21 Commercial Rotary Valves

RevV21 Valves Feature:

  • Down flow regeneration used for softening, demineralization, or filtration water treatment systems
  • Up flow regeneration suitable for ion exchange equipment with raw water hardness ≤ 6.5mmol/L, boiler softening water systems, RO pretreatment softening systems, and more
  • Side-mounted connector easily changes the valve from a top-mounted to side-mounted system. Display screen is also moveable.
  • Programming held in memory in the event of extended power outage
  • Includes signal output connector and remote handling connector
  • Interlock functionality prevents multiple valves from regenerating at the same time, ensuring product water is available without interruption
  • Easy to use LED display with keypad lock

Width 19.64" (with outlet and brine line connector)
Height 13.46"
Depth 14.96"

Electrical Specifications
Transformer Input 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Transformer Output 24VDC / 1.5A
Wattage 18W

Operational Specifications
Operational Pressure 29 - 87 psi
Operational Water Temperature 41° F - 122° F (5° C - 50° C)
Inlet Water Turbidity < 5FTU

Control Valve Parameters
Inlet 2" M
Outlet 2" M
Drain 1.5" M
Brine 3/4" M
Base 4" - 8UN
Riser Tube 1.5" OD (50mm)
Hard Water Bypass No

Flow Rate (Valve Only)
66 gal/m 15 m3/h

Additional Specifications
Regeneration Up Flow / Down Flow
Valve Material Noryl® Plastic
Height From Top of Tank 12.08"
Meter Accuracy ±5%
Weight 14 lbs. (6.35 kg)
Tank Diameter Range 14" - 36"

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