HDL Digital Piston Valves

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Hankscraft Runxin takes the next step forward in mechanical control design with our HDL digital piston valves. These valves have improved construction and a lightweight design, with added features to give you increased flexibility, higher performance, and easier operation and maintenance.

HDL valves offer an intelligent preset reference mode, 3-button programming with adjustable cycle settings, quick-connect drain with optional offset, and an automatic reset feature with battery backup. These valves combine the interfaces of our HL and HD valves, providing even more versatility during setup. HDL valves are available in metered (programmable to extended metered) and filter versions. They also feature an L bracket design for hassle-free operation and maintenance.

Hankscraft Runxin's mechanical control valves are manufactured using improved materials and are put through a rigid, 100% quality inspection before they leave the factory. Our products will give you worry-free maintenance, fewer service calls, and peace of mind.

HDL Digital Piston Valves Feature:

  • NSF / ANSI 44 Certification
  • Improved manufacturing and durability
  • Lower power usage
  • Standard Metered (programmable to Extended Metered), Standard Time Clock, and Filter Time Clock options
  • Quick-connect drain with optional offset
  • Competitive pricing

Width 8.38"
Height 8.63"
Depth 7.88"

Electrical Specifications
Transformer Input 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz
Transformer Output 12VDC
Wattage - Service 1.2W
Wattage - Motor Rotation 5.3W

Operational Specifications
Operational Pressure 25 - 120 psi
Operational Water Temperature 40° F - 100° F (4.4° C - 37.8° C)
Inlet Water Turbidity < 5NTU

Control Valve Parameters
Inlet 3/4"
Outlet 3/4"
Drain 1/2" NPTF
Brine 3/8"
Base 2.5" - 8 NPSM
Riser Tube 1.05" OD

Flow Rate (Valve Only)
Service @ 15 psi Drop 20 gpm
Peak Service @ 25 psi Drop 26 gpm
Peak Backwash @ 25 psi Drop 7 gpm
CV Service @ 1 psi Drop 5 gpm

Additional Specifications
Regeneration Down Flow
Valve Material Noryl® Plastic
Height From Top of Tank 7.25" / 184mm
Meter Accuracy ±5%
Weight Time Clock: 3.3 lbs. (1.49kg)
Metered: 3.4 lbs. (1.54kg)

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