Bluefilters UF 5 Ultra-Filtration Drinking Water Systems

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Bluefilters UF 5 drinking water systems produce crystal clear, on-demand drinking water directly from the sink. It has 5 specialized stages of filtration to remove contaminants such as dirt, chlorine, heavy metals, and organic molecules that negatively affect taste and smell. In the final stage, infrared rays activate the water to increase absorption.

UF 5 Ultra-Filtration Systems Feature:

  • On demand water with zero waste
  • Clear first stage cartridge to easily identify replacement needs
  • Fully enclosed cartridges for quick, mess-free replacement
  • Top quality filters and media for longer cartridge life

Height 16.75"
Width 12.75"
Depth 3.5"

Working Feed Pressure 40 - 87 psi
Working Temperature 40° F - 100° F (4.4° C - 38° C)

Filter Specifications
Pre-Filter Service Capability 2900 gal.
UF Membrane Service Capacity 2900 gal.
UF Pore Size 0.01 - 0.05 micron
Bio-Ceramic Capacity 12 Months
Flow Rate 1 gpm

  Stage   Filter Type Description
1 Heavy Duty Sediment Pre-Filter Removes large particles such as scale, rust, dirt, and sand
2 Activated Carbon KDF Cartridge Reduces organic molecules, chlorine, and heavy metals
3 Ultra-Filtration Cartridge Filters out all particles larger than 0.01 micron
4 Inline Activated Carbon Cartridge Eliminates chlorine and organic molecules that affect taste and smell
5 Bio-Ceramic Resonator Cartridge Infrared rays activate water for increased absorption

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